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Welcome to the first  website about Timure - Nepal.

Timure is  a small village lacated in Rasuwa District,160 km from Kathmandu and  few miles from the tibetan border. It's also the village where I was born 24 years ago, really isolated from the outside world till early 21st century and then opened after that and with which its exposing to modern world slowly though people are still living happy and peaceful mind though lacking some materialistic facilities.

This website has been created to promote Timure and Langtang area all over the world. It will be also a place for all its inhabitants, Nepaleses and Tibetans, who have had to leave it and who are now living far : In Katmandou - Nepal, Delhi - India, USA or Canada for a part of them and UK for me.

Best regards
Buchung Tsering

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<br /> thanks Jayne but its just a small try from myside thanks for the comment and hope you will have a good time down there good luck<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Bhuchung, It was a suprise for me to find this website but then I was not suprised to see that it was produced by you. It is excellent & I am looking forward to staying in the village. Jayne<br /> <br /> <br />
Tsering ji, I was hoping a find a brief description of the Timure village, but sadly there is none. Could you send me a brief description of you village?<br /> <br /> Regards.<br /> <br /> - Madan
nice man do well keep it up thumbs up
Nice to see the first website dedicated to Timure and all my Tib' and Nepaleses friends :)