Road to Timure

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Timure road is under constrution and is about to complete within this year which will benefit in economic lifestyle of the people living down there but will hamper the greenery scenerio of the place which was sort of isolated from the moden world.....People are really excited about whats going to happen... Expecting both negative and positive aspects and you can view in the picture newly build bridge in Chinese style....It will really benefit Chinese side for their business....And rumours are that locals who had lose their land while construction of road are given more then US Dollar 60000...People are unknown about who got that but rumours continuous

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Well,it is good to hear those gossips about those $Dollars but....will it really end up in the hands of those poor and needy from the region or end up being beautiful palaces for those politicians...?? <br /> Just a thought of concern to thos INNOCENT and poor making their living out of those small lands for many generations.<br /> Dorz